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NY moving services must be considered if you are a property owner and your tenant will not vacate. Bennett Movers isn’t just your typical NY moving company—they specialize in eviction, packing, moving, and storage for various neighborhoods and communities throughout the state of New York and northern New Jersey.

Bennett Movers is your top choice for New York movers. The team specializes in working with property owners, landlords, and property management companies of apartments, commercial properties, and even single-family homes. No job is too large or small for the Bennett Movers team.


    Why Bennett Movers?

    Bennett Movers has over 25 years of experience in moving and eviction, and is fully licensed, insured, and equipped to handle even the largest properties and biggest moving jobs.

    The eviction process in the state of New York can be challenging, especially for new property owners or landlords. There are different laws protecting tenants, so it is important for landlords to set the right rental or lease agreements in place in order to protect their properties and investments.

    If the eviction process is necessary, then Bennett Movers is available to help begin the legal process, from filing the appropriate paperwork to scheduling appointments with the Sheriff’s Department. The team is available to help navigate customers through the eviction process from start to finish.

    Bennett Movers offers the following services:

    • Packing and moving (commercial properties, multi- and single-family residential homes, apartments, and studios)
    • Eviction moving services—providing the necessary paperwork, scheduling appointments with the Sheriff’s office, packing and moving tenant’s items
    • Arranging and offering 30-day storage services


    Tenant Will Not Vacate

    Fast Eviction Movers Serving New York Counties and Northern New Jersey 

    Need help evicting a tenant? Count on Bennett Movers, the fast eviction movers to aid in the eviction process, pack, move, and even arrange storage services for your tenant. The Bennett Movers team is a professional New York moving company that makes the move and eviction process that much easier.

    Bennett Movers is a trusted New York moving company that has been serving various communities in New York and northern New Jersey for years.

    We serve the following communities and neighborhoods: Northern New Jersey, Westchester County, Nassau County, New York County, Bronx County, Queens County, Richmond County (Staten Island), and Kings County (Brooklyn).

    The Bennett Movers team conveniently offers their moving and eviction services throughout the state of New York as well as northern New Jersey. Because Bennett Movers has been serving these communities for over 25 years, their team is well known and comes highly recommended.

    If you were to ask other property owners and landlords who they recommend for moving and eviction services, they would recommend Bennett Movers.


    Notice Of Eviction NYCA Team of New York Movers You Can Trust

    If you are a property owner, landlord, or a member of a property management company, and a tenant will not vacate, then know that you can turn to Bennett Movers for fast and efficient eviction help.

    The eviction process in the state of New York can be lengthy, overwhelming, and complicated. However, hiring a reputable, experienced, and professional team of eviction movers can help ensure that the process is as smooth as possible.

    Bennett Movers is experienced, knowledgeable, and fully understands the ins and outs of the eviction process, which involves compliance with New York State laws. The team can advise property owners and landlords on the best course of action for dealing with a tenant who will not vacate a property and who has breached a rental or lease agreement.

    Of course, most property owners and landlords want to avoid the eviction process at all costs. However, Bennett Movers provides options and a way out.

    Notice of Eviction, NYC & Northern NJ

    Looking for a team of qualified, experienced, and professional eviction movers in New York and northern New Jersey? Bennett Movers is the professional and experienced New York moving company that you are looking for. The Team is available to help with your moving, storage, and eviction needs.

    The team at Bennett Movers also understands that most property owners and landlords who have a tenant who will not vacate by the stated date on the notice of eviction are often dealing with financial constraints as a result. Therefore, Bennett Movers does not require any upfront deposits for their services.

    Bennett Movers are known as fast eviction movers throughout the state of New York for a good reason. If your tenant will not vacate, then you need to give Bennett Movers a call. Regardless of whether you own an apartment complex or building, a multi- or single-family home, or a commercial property, if you believe the eviction process is necessary, then rest assured that there is someone you can call for help.

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