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    Moving & Evictions in Nassau County

    Bennett Movers simplifies the process of moving and evictions in Nassau County. We eliminate the stress of moving so you can focus on organizing your affairs. Not only do we specialize in packing, moving, and storage services, but we take care of everything you need to evict a tenant. Call us for help!

    Most landlords and property owners dread dealing with evicting a tenant. Incredibly stressful for property owners, the eviction process sparks many negative emotions and involves a great deal of paperwork and other logistics.

    We specialize in helping landlords and property owners navigate the eviction process from start to finish. Our team can help by supplying customers with an eviction notice template, providing the necessary paperwork to complete and file with the county sheriff’s office, and even helping arrange for packing, moving, and storage.

    The Nassau County Eviction Process

    Property owners and landlords have the right to evict a tenant—with or without cause. However, landlord and property owner rights have changed through the years. Today, there are more laws protecting tenants than just property owners. Depending on the rental agreement in place between a property owner and tenant will depend on the eviction notice template that is used.

    Tenants with an annual lease or rental agreement rightfully have until their lease expires before they are required to leave a property. Therefore, landlords must wait until after the lease term ends to evict a tenant.

    Nassau County Eviction ProcessHowever, regardless of the rental agreement—whether it is month-to-month or yearly—if a tenant breaches a lease, then the property owner is well within his or her rights to begin the eviction process. Failure to pay rent is the most common reason for property owners to evict tenants.

    Regardless of the reason for eviction, landlords and property owners must provide a 30-day written eviction notice to tenants. This is in accordance with New York state laws.

    If you are unsure of where or how to evict in Nassau County (Long Island), or what paperwork is necessary, call us for efficient and fast eviction help. We help customers navigate the eviction process by providing them with the necessary paperwork required by the court and the state to file with the local county sheriff.

    Once the necessary paperwork is completed and on file with the county sheriff, Bennett Movers can then help property owners arrange packing, moving, and storage for evicted tenants.

    Who Benefits from Our Services?

    The Nassau County eviction process is mandated by New York State law and applies to all landlords, property owners and managers, and even real estate companies. If you own property and you believe it is time to begin the eviction process, then get immediate help by calling us today.

    We are experienced in helping various property owners and real estate companies with moving, storage, and eviction—and in less time than property owners who choose to deal with the process alone.

    Our customers include:

    • Residential landlords or property owners
    • Commercial landlords or property owners
    • Real estate and bank-owned properties
    • Property management companies

    We have over 25 years of experience specializing in moving, packing, storage, and eviction throughout the state of New York and northern New Jersey. We are also known throughout Nassau County as one of the best moving companies and eviction service companies that is available and affordable.

    Your Choice for Nassau County Eviction

    Bennett Movers has been working with property owners, landlords, real estate, and property management companies for decades. We help customers with eviction and move any property—no matter how big or small!
    Fast Eviction Service

    Bennett Movers also offers affordable and competitive rates, which include both hourly or flat fee moving rates. We also don’t require upfront deposits. We provide free estimates anytime, anywhere!

    If you are wondering how to evict a tenant in Nassau County, NY, then call the team at Bennett Movers today. We can provide you with an eviction notice template, which is the first step to evicting a tenant. Then, we can provide you with the necessary paperwork as well as schedule an appointment with the Nassau County sheriff. We are also available to help you manage and organize the logistics for moving, packing, and storage.

    As Nassau movers, we’re here to serve you!

    Call our team today to learn about our pricing details and request a free quote.

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