Bennett Movers Specializes in the New York Eviction Process

The New York eviction process can be overwhelming for landlords and property owners. But, you do have a solution. Hiring a reputable and reliable New York eviction moving company can help you when you need it most.

If you are looking for local eviction help, then look no further than Bennett Movers. Bennett Movers is the best choice for eviction help in New York and northern New Jersey.

Bennett Movers is available to help with the New York eviction process—from advising and educating landlords and property owners about the eviction process to providing the necessary documentation and paperwork to even filing a right of possession to the county sheriff.

Calling an experienced, reliable, and dependable eviction moving company in New York can make the process that much easier. Take back what is rightfully yours with Bennett Movers by your side.


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    Who is Bennett Eviction Movers?

    The eviction process can be challenging and overwhelming, especially for inexperienced landlords and property owners. There are laws and regulations protecting both landlords as well as tenants. Therefore, it is important for landlords and property owners to follow the eviction process accordingly in order to ensure that they are legally within their rights to evict tenants.

    The Bennett Movers team has over 25 years of experience navigating the eviction process in New York as well as evicting squatters. We are fully licensed, insured, and equipped to deal with evicting squatters.Eviction Notice NYC

    Here are some of the services we provide:

    • Packing and moving (commercial properties, residential properties, and apartments)
    • Eviction moving services—filing paperwork with the Sheriff’s office, moving items, arranging storage
    • Providing eviction documents required by landlords and property owners
    • 30-day storage services

    Regardless of whether you own a studio apartment or office space, an apartment complex or building, a commercial property, or a single-family or multi-family residential property, you have rights as a property owner—and there is someone you can call for help. Bennett Movers is your top choice for New York eviction movers.

    Steps to Eviction in NYS

    It is true that many property owners and landlords have abused their privileges and rights over the years, leaving many tenants unlawfully homeless. Although the state of New York has enacted laws and regulations protecting tenants, property owners and landlords are under close scrutiny when they file a motion to evict a tenant.

    On the other hand, landlords and property owners do still have rights, but they must be exercised appropriately. There are situations when a landlord or property owner is well within their rights to evict a tenant, such as a breach of rental agreement. In most cases, landlords and property owners are forced to evict tenants for failure to pay rent or due to the expiration of a lease or rental agreement.

    If a property owner or landlord has a cause to evict a tenant, then he or she must provide the tenant with an advance, written “notice to evict” warning in accordance with New York state law.

    However, it’s important for landlords and property owners to remember that the type of written warning or notice depends on the rental or lease agreement enacted. For example, tenants that have a month-to-month lease agreement must receive a 30-day written eviction notice in NYC.

    On the other hand, tenants that are under an annual lease or rental agreement have until their lease expires before they are required to leave a property. Landlords must wait until after the lease term ends to evict a tenant (unless the tenant has breached or failed to maintain his or her responsibilities according to the lease agreement). Again, this is all in accordance with New York state laws.

    If you are unsure of where or how to start the eviction process, or what paperwork is necessary, this is where the Bennett Movers team comes in. Bennett Movers is available to help customers with the eviction process by providing them with the necessary documentation and paperwork required by the court to file with the local county sheriff.

    Bennett Movers is available to advise property owners on the steps to eviction in NYS law to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible.

    Once the necessary paperwork is filed with the county sheriff, Bennett Movers will then work with landlords and property owners to begin packing, moving, and arranging storage for evicted tenants.

    Who Does Bennett Movers Help?

    The eviction process applies to all landlords, property owners and managers, and even real estate companies. If you own property of any kind in the state of New York, and you currently have a lease agreement in place with a tenant who is renting your property, then you are well within your rights to evict a tenant, if necessary.

    Evicting SquattersRegardless of whether customers are individual landlords or managers of large property management companies, Bennett Movers is available to help with your eviction notice in NYC.

    Bennett Movers is experienced in helping various property owners and real estate companies with moving, storage, and eviction.

    Our customers include:

    • Residential landlords or property owners
    • Commercial landlords or property owners
    • Real estate and bank-owned properties
    • Property management companies

    Bennett Movers is the eviction moving company you need to help you evict a tenant and take back what is rightfully yours.

    Reliable, Dependable, and Affordable Eviction Help in New York

    Most landlords, property owners, and property management companies that are forced to evict tenants are often dealing with financial losses due to back-owed rent or the inability to rent the property to a reliable, paying tenant, which is why they are pursuing the eviction process. The team of eviction movers at Bennett Movers understands this, which is why we don’t require upfront deposits!

    The New York eviction process can be challenging and overwhelming, involving a great deal of steps and paperwork. However, Bennett Movers is experienced and knowledgeable in the eviction process. Our team is available to provide you with the required paperwork needed to file with the county sheriff, assist with making an appointment with the county sheriff, and arrange packing, moving, and storage for tenants.

    Bennett Movers is your choice for eviction help. We are available to help you through the eviction process from day one.

    If you believe it’s time to evict a tenant, then give the team at Bennett Movers a call today to learn more about our eviction moving services and to request a free quote.

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