Get Real Moving Assistance For Your New York Eviction

Get Real Moving Assistance For Your New York Eviction

The New York eviction process is stressful. In addition to losing a home, you’ll be responsible for filing paperwork with certain government offices, moving all your belongings out of the evicted property, and trying to find a place to temporary store them until you’re back in action. The whirlwind can easily sweep people off their feet if they aren’t properly prepared. That’s where Bennett Movers can help. Servicing a large region across the greater New York city metropolitan area, Bennett Movers offers customers a trusted source of eviction moving. Our aim is to become one of the best moving companies NYC evictees can find.

The eviction process in the state of New York is complicated. There are numerous ways a landlord has grounds to terminate tenancy; this includes refusal to pay rent, lease violations, or any eviction that doesn’t require just cause. The type of infraction on the tenant’s part will determine what kind of eviction is pursued by the landlord. Notices, reponses, and other official documents must be filed with the city and sheriff’s department, including setting court dates for the eviction lawsuit itself. Relieve yourself of the minor stresses, and allow Bennett Movers to perform many of these menial tasks for you. In accordance with New York State eviction laws, we’ll file the necessary documents with the sheriff’s department for you and make sure an officer is present to escort tenants from the property.

Bennett Movers will also offer customers temporary, 30-day storage facilities. Evictees can now stash their belongings while they deal with other aspects of the eviction process. We have services for both moving and storage, NYC clients will find reliable and trusted. As mentioned previously, we can offer these services for a wide range of customers in the following counties:

  1. Nassau CountyNew York Eviction
  2. Westchester County
  3. New York County
  4. Richmond County
  5. Kings County
  6. Queens County
  7. Bronx County
  8. Northern New Jersey

Don’t fear the eviction process. NYC residents now have a trusted and neighborhood-friendly eviction team with Bennett Movers. Get the best eviction moving services New York can offer, with fast assistance, a dedication to protocol, and a deep understanding of the state’s eviction laws. We will do our best to make sure you don’t have to deal with everything alone. If you need eviction moving assistance now, then check out our website today and receive a free quote from our highly-qualified team!  

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