Why Hire Professional Movers?

Why Hire Professional Movers?

I’ll give you three reasons right off the bat: Time, injury, and risk! By hiring certified, insured professionals, you’ll avoid losing valuable time, suffering possible injuries, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing someone insured is handling your belongings. That’s what companies like Bennett Movers accomplish; they’ll take care of the hard part, while you can focus on getting your affairs in order, like finding new tenants or filing eviction notices with court systems. Below, we’ve compiled and answered some of the more common questions that many ordinary people have about hiring professional movers.


Should I Hire A Moving Company?

Our short, easy answer, is yes! But let’s unpack this simple question with a real-world example of why hiring professionals like Bennett Movers, is the right choice. Since our bread and butter revolves around evictions, let’s assume for the moment you’ve just evicted someone from a home.


As a landlord, you can’t be bothered to remove any leftover belongings; you’ve other issues to worry about–like filing eviction paperwork and finding new tenants. By hiring professional movers, you’re saving yourself much needed time, effort, and energy better suited elsewhere. Plus, there are risks associated with heavy lifting–including personal injury and possible property destruction. It’s best to let certified experts with years of experience handle this kind of job instead.


How Does A Moving Company Work?

Why Hire Professional MoversOnce you’ve made initial contact with a moving service, you will often have the option of requesting a quote to determine costs. Representatives of the company will perform a survey to determine various moving factors before giving you a copy of the quote listing all costs. You’ll have to figure out the best moving times and dates for both parties, set up appointments, and determine the distance, or end-location, of the move.

Some companies may require pre-payment, but with Bennett, our customers only need to present payment on the moving day. We keep it as simple as possible. Once these details have been hashed out, relocation specialists will arrive at the predetermined time and begin moving any belongings. Although companies may vary in these core aspects—for instance Bennett specializes in eviction moves— most moving entities holistically operate in the same manner.


How Much Does It Costs To Hire Professional Movers?

The cost to hire professional movers will greatly differ between companies, but the methods they use to outline costs are more or less the same. Essentially, when considering price, movers can be classified into two categories: long distance(interstate) and local(regional). Companies that specialize in local moves will typically charge flat fees, hourly charges, or, much like Bennett, will price moves based upon how much space takes up the largest truck available.

Long distance companies typically determine the total weight of belongings moved, total mileage driven, and secondary services like unpacking, assembly, or temporary storage. However, be aware of hidden fees! Bennett Movers has none, but other companies may try to nickel and dime you.  


Leave It To The Pros

There are reasons why thousands of moving companies exist. Many people simply don’t know where to start, or even how to start. Do you pack first, then call a mover? Are you supposed to pay ahead of time or on the moving day? It’s questions like this that hiring professional movers can help you answer. Avoid injury, avoid losing time, and hire experts like Bennett, to get the job done, safely and quickly. If you’ve recently evicted someone in the greater New York City area, then call us now and receive a free quote for your move today!

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