What is An Eviction Cleanup?

What is An Eviction Cleanup?

What is An Eviction Cleanup?

When tenants do not pick up after themselves following an eviction notice and leave behind valuables and belongings, an eviction cleanup is the standard protocol to remove these items. For landlords, evicting a tenant comes with a variety of costs and expenses, no matter the situation or cause of the eviction. This additional burden of removing unforeseen items from a property is frustrating and time-consuming, so it’s important to make sure everything is done properly to avoid complications. To do this, there are a number of important factors to consider far before the eviction cleanup begins.

Rental Property Eviction Cleanouts

In the case of rental property eviction cleanouts, there is a specific procedure that should be followed regarding all belongings left behind, as well as decisions that must be made by a landlord regarding the previous tenant. Failure to follow these steps correctly can lead to lawsuits from the evicted tenant, so landlords should be doubly careful that no steps are missed along the way. Some tips for landlords to consider before a rental property cleanout begins include:

  • Understanding state lawsIdentifying certain state laws should be the starting point for any landlord looking to begin an eviction cleanup. By understanding these laws, landlords can get a correct mapping of the procedure they must follow. This way, the landlord can avoid legal complications that have a tendency to arise in these situations.
  • Recouping lost income or rent – Some states allow for the possession of property left behind by an evicted tenant if there is still money or rent owed. Even if there is property damage at the fault of the renter, some states will offer an automatic lien on any property left behind. Some state laws may require a landlord to sue the tenant before granting the right to keep these items, so once again, identify what your state allows and respond accordingly.
  • Handling garbageWhile landlords may have to hold onto some of a tenant’s items of value, they are not obligated to preserve every item left behind. Anything that can be deemed as garbage should be removed, but this can become tricky when certain belongings are still present. Landlords should carefully sort through garbage because while it may appear to be junk, certain items can still hold significance during this process. Once the garbage is properly identified, consider hiring a garbage removal service for the convenient removal of these unwanted items.
  • Notifying the tenantDuring an eviction process, some states will require a landlord to inform tenants in writing of their ability to recover belongings. Many states require landlords to hold any personal property left behind by an evicted tenant for at least 30 days. During this window, it’s necessary to alert a tenant of where they can collect these items and if you are hiring a removal service after a certain date.
  • Hiring an eviction cleanup serviceFor many landlords, the eviction cleanup process is tedious and comes with an array of hassles. Luckily, there are reliable companies that clean out homes during eviction proceedings. Not only can these companies ensure that the eviction cleanup process is performed to the correct standards, but they can also often help with certain legal situations to provide a smooth transition for the next tenant.

Bennett Movers, Your Go-To For Eviction Cleaning Services

Bennett Movers provides exceptional eviction cleaning services with over 25 years of professional experience navigating the eviction process in New York. In addition to understanding the delicate nature of the situation, we also have a deep understanding of the various laws and regulations that apply to evictions. The Bennett Movers team is here to help you streamline the eviction process—from paperwork to cleanout and everything in between. Learn more about our services, or contact us today for any questions or comments to see how we can provide a smooth transition for your eviction cleanup process.

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