3 Reasons Spring is the Best Time to Move

3 Reasons Spring is the Best Time to Move

3 Reasons Spring is the Best Time to Move

There is a lot to love about spring: warmer weather, the return of green trees and grass, chirping birds and of course, the fact that it’s the best time to move.

Moving is tough work, and everything from the weather to the congestion on the roads can add extra stress to an already not-so-stress-free process. The glory of moving in the spring is that a bunch of factors are on your side, eliminating some of the most common moving annoyances and (hopefully) making your move go a whole lot smoother.

So what are these factors? Here are just some of the reasons that spring is the best time of year to move, and especially the best time to move in NYC.

1. The Weather is Great

The mild weather conditions of spring—think temperatures that are not too hot and not too cold—are ideal for moving. This is especially true in the early half of spring when temperatures are closer to a winter/spring feel than a spring/summer feel. Although spring weather certainly varies depending on where you live (and depending on the day), you can almost certainly count on relief from the unbearable cold of the winter months. Add to that a shining sun and a nice breeze and you’ve got perfect conditions for moving day.

Of course, rain is always a possibility during the spring, but moving in the rain isn’t nearly as bad as moving in the snow. Throw on a poncho, wrap your furniture in plastic wrap or moving tarps, and hit the road (just be sure to dry everything off as soon as you unload it into your new place, just in case).

2. It’s not as Busy as the Summer

Peak moving season starts at the end of May. In New York City, that means difficulty booking affordable moving services and more competition for prime truck parking spots in front of buildings. Move before late May though and you’ll be ahead of the game. During March, April, and early May, you’ll find that professional moving companies have more available slots, and they’re usually offering some good spring deals as well.

3. It’s Great for Exploring your New Neighborhood

Moving in the spring means that you don’t have to shut yourself in and wait for better weather before you can start going out and about in your new neighborhood. Keep the windows open and enjoy the sunshine while you get unpacked and settled into your new digs, and then get out and explore what’s around you. It’s a much better alternative to having to wait out the brutal winter chill or relentless summer heat before you can get outside.

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