What’s The Safest Way To Move During COVID-19?

What’s The Safest Way To Move During COVID-19?

What’s The Safest Way To Move During COVID-19?

Like other aspects of our lives, the pandemic has also made it difficult to shift from one place to the next, making it a top priority for people who are looking for new living arrangements to find the safest way to move during Covid-19.

Read ahead to find out how to move during the pandemic while ensuring your safety and the safety of those around you.

Relocating During COVID

Covid-19 has disrupted many aspects of our lives with social distancing protocols and stay-at-home orders. This has also negatively affected those looking to relocate because hiring professional movers has become difficult in light of quarantine safety concerns.

If you can wait until the precautionary measures have been lifted, please do so. However, if relocating is compulsory due to imperative reasons like a job transfer, be cautious and ensure that all precautionary measures are followed.

Look for a moving company like Bennett Movers that follows all safety protocols when moving your belongings, and don’t be afraid to hold meetings with prospects, learn about their processes, and inquire how you can contribute towards moving safely during the Coronavirus.

How to Move During the Pandemic

Here are a few tips on safe moving in New York during the pandemic:

  • Virtual Moving Quote

Currently, a good alternative to an in-person moving quote is the virtual one, where you can walk the estimator through the house using a video.

Contact your moving company and ask the best way to prepare for the virtual quote process.

These can include:

  • Having a fully charged tablet or phone
  • Having strong Wi-Fi to ensure an uninterrupted video stream
  • Keep all closets and cabinets open to showcase what’s within them
  • Carry a tape measure
  • Ensure the space is well-lit for clarity
  • Practice Social Distancing

Make sure you maintain a safe distance from all the workers and drivers. Refrain from moving things yourself or coming in contact with the movers; let them handle the items entirely. Also, keep your vulnerable household members, pets, and children away from everyone.

  • Keep Sanitary Care At Hand 

Take additional care by keeping sanitizers, disinfectant wipes, paper towels, and hand soaps at hand for the crew and yourself to ensure hygiene. Encourage them to frequently sanitize their hands or preferably wash them with antibacterial soap for twenty seconds.

Also, make sure to disinfect all frequently touched areas like handles and doorknobs before the crew arrives to ensure the safety of your family as well as the movers.

  • Let One Person Handle The Move

Usually, the entire family or friends partake in the moving process for more help. However, during the pandemic, such liberties should be avoided. Instead, only one family member should interact with the movers, while the rest stay in another room to minimize interaction.

  •  Be Safe While Packing

There must be several things in your home that haven’t been properly cleaned in a long while. Use this opportunity to sanitize all such items, wiping them with a disinfectant.

Furthermore, since Coronavirus stays on surfaces for a long time (24 hours in the case of cardboard), make sure you pack all the boxes at least a day before the movers arrive.

Ready for Safe Moving, New York?

These are unprecedented times, and we all must work together to keep ourselves and those around us safe while carrying out necessary tasks.
How To Move During Pandemic

The best way to do this is by following government orders and safety. Furthermore, make sure you work with a company that takes all these measures seriously and is ready to cooperate in these difficult times.

Our team at Bennett Movers understands the severity of the situation and the need to move due to unavoidable reasons. We are one of NY’s leading eviction companies, ready to cater to all moving needs seamlessly. Contact us today!

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