5 Packing Tips For Moving Efficiently

5 Packing Tips For Moving Efficiently

5 Packing Tips For Moving Efficiently

These easy packing tips for moving will make packing your home a breeze.

Moving to a new home is exciting, but let’s face it, packing can be daunting. Organizing the belongings you’ve accumulated over the years is overwhelming. You often don’t realize just how much stuff you have until it comes time to pack.

The key is to pack efficiently, make a plan, and stick to a system that works for you and your schedule. Below we’ll share some helpful insight based off our first-hand knowledge of moving.  

Moving Tips and Hacks

Find out how to pack for moving with these tips from Bennett Movers.

  • Start by decluttering

Moving is the perfect time to go through your belongings and determine what you need or want and what is just taking up space.

Don’t just clean out your closet, think about extra clutter in every room of your house. Do you have books you’ve finished reading, outdated kitchen supplies, and worn out linens? Consider all the ways you will want to update appliances or freshen up your decor in your new home.

Gather the items you have no use for anymore, sell what you can and donate the rest.

  • Arrange your packing by room

It helps streamline the whole process if you organize and pack room by room instead of categorizing your packing. First, it’s more efficient than packing a few boxes in one room then a few boxes in another. But you also want to consider packing items from the same room into the same box.

For instance, pack your cookbooks with other kitchen items rather than with books you keep in your living room or in your office. You don’t want to unpack items in the wrong room later.

  • Use moving boxes

This one might seem obvious, but really. Moving boxes are meant to be packed, carried and stacked. Other containers such as plastic bins are often awkward to carry and take up unnecessary space in the moving vehicle. Save the containers for storage later on and use moving boxes for packing.

  • Label everything (and be detailed)

Keep track of the items your packing by keeping everything well labeled. Label your boxes and maybe keep a list of what’s been packed and what needs to be packed.

And don’t just label a box “Kitchen”, label specifically by noting the dishes or pots inside the box. Otherwise, when you go to unpack, you’ll be opening every box to see what’s what. Your future self will thank you when your boxes are clearly labeled with their contents.

  • Pack light

Lastly, be mindful of the weight of your boxes as your packing. You don’t want to pack your boxes so full they can’t be lifted. Sticking to your room-by-room plan, try to balance out heavy and light items as you pack your boxes. Maybe pack a few books with a few throw pillows.

Even if you have a moving team doing most of the heavy lifting for you, it helps everyone if your packed boxes are a manageable weight.

Call in the Experts

If you need additional help or you’re short on time, you can also find a moving company that provides moving and packing services. Bennett Movers services all major boroughs of New York City and northern New Jersey. We’ll pack your home and move everything, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Call us today to find out more about our professional moving service

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