Whether you’re a first-time renter in New York City or you’ve been renting for a while, you might be wondering: how does an eviction affect future renting options?

Unfortunately, it’s exceedingly difficult for tenants who have been evicted from a property to find a suitable place afterward.

Every year, thousands of New Yorkers experience evictions, and while an eviction can damage your credit and rental history, making renting in the future much more challenging. Luckily, there are ways to overturn your eviction if you have the right guidance.

How Long Does An Eviction Affect Your Rental History

Removing Eviction From Rental History

It’s a common question from those who’ve been evicted: How long does an eviction affect your rental history? Generally speaking, an eviction can stay on your record for years. According to New York City eviction rules, if your previous landlord has evicted you, it will remain relevant on record for seven long years.

Once the seven-year period ends, your eviction will be deleted from all public records, including your rental history and credit report, and you will be able to rent again.

There are two possible ways to convince landowners to remove the eviction stamp from your record:

  1. Wait it out for seven years, and the eviction will lapse (in a worst-case scenario).
  2. Take other alternative routes to have your eviction removed from your credit history sooner.

Removing Eviction from Rental History

Now that we’ve covered the common question of how long does an eviction stay on your record, let’s look at coming up with a proper action plan to get you on the path to removing the eviction from your rental history.

However, with the proper action plan, you can work towards removing eviction from your rental history.

We’ve gathered some actionable ways to keep in mind if this ever happens to you:

  • Pay outstanding dues to the previous landlord

If there are any outstanding dues owed to the previous landlord, it’s best to pay as soon as you can, and in full. Make sure you also clear your outstanding balances on credit payments, medical bills, and utilities.

Though late payments still negatively affect background checks and credit reports, they look better on the record compared to open collections.

  • Expunge eviction from your record

If you can convince the owner — who is about to evict you or has already done so recently – in writing to reverse their decision, you can ask a judge to dismiss the eviction ruling.

If the owner has already begun legal proceedings to have you evicted, make sure to do an NYC landlord record search and thoroughly investigate whether they have followed proper protocols or not.

In a case that they haven’t, the expulsion should be termed illegal and subsequently removed from your credit and rental history.

Three quick points to win the case:

  • Show up on time
  • Always be prepared
  • Bring qualified legal representation
  • Use your credentials

One of the best ways to overcome your eviction record is to be truthful, reliable, and honest to the landlord. Making a positive impression will build trust and time to pay when you can.

Proving that you have good credit and a reliable income to pay rent and utility bills will help you avoid getting evicted and make any potential homeowners happy to lend you their property.

  • Be honest with the new landlord 

Even if you have excellent credentials, it’s best to tell your new landlord about the eviction.

You can also ask your previous landlords to write a reference letter, so you can show your new landlord that you are reliable and honest.

Bennett Movers 

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Our tried and tested methods are in line with New York City eviction regulations and, if done correctly, can remove instances of eviction from your record.

New York movers know very well that evictions and moving can be stressful for both property owners and tenants.

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