Decluttering Before A Move: A Step-By-Step Guide

Decluttering Before A Move: A Step-By-Step Guide

Decluttering Before A Move: A Step-By-Step Guide

Decluttering before a move is often what people dread the most! Moving is an exhausting process that becomes incredibly overwhelming for those with hoarding habits.

So if you haven’t watched the Marie Kondo show, and don’t know how to get rid of things before moving, then this blog is for you!

How To Get Rid Of Things Before Moving

If you don’t know how to get rid of things before moving, you’re probably stressed right now.

However, by organizing piles of things according to what you need vs. what you don’t, your moving experience can be smooth sailing.

Here are simple things to keep in mind when getting rid of stuff before you move out for good:

Decluttering Before A Move

1.      Give Yourself Time
Don’t leave decluttering to the last minute, even if you think you work well under pressure. It may lead to you taking unneeded stuff with you, making unpacking difficult, or leaving valuables behind.

2.      Start A Necessities Box
It’s okay to not know where to start, as most people struggle to take the first step. To make it easier, begin streamlining your stuff. For starters, fill up a box with only the absolute necessities, i.e., what you need on the first day at your new home.

This includes hammers, nails, box cutter, toilet roll, etc.

3.      Leave Mementos For Last
Things with sentimental value are extremely important. But, when it comes to moving, they can be a hindrance as you may want to keep every single memento.

Don’t not get caught up in the moment. Instead, leave all your memorabilia for the end of your decluttering spree.

4. Donate Or Sell Items

If you are someone who needs some sort of motivation when getting rid of things, then the best thing to do is to create piles of your stuff that you either want to sell or donate.

For example, if you find something you haven’t used or barely used, you could easily sell them for extra money.

How To Get Your House Ready For Movers

Now that you have organized your clutter into neat piles, you are done! Well, not quite. You have discerned what you would like to keep and what you want to throw out.

Here are a few tips on how to get your house ready for movers (if you get full-service ones):

1.  Properly Pack All Belongings
Now that you know exactly what you are keeping, you need to pack them up. Get secure boxes, lots of tape, and also cushioning for more delicate items such as plates. Make sure you label each box, so movers handle things with care and also make unpacking a lot easier!

2.  Prepare And Protect Your Home
It’s important to ensure both your current home and ex-home are protected, especially in terms of weather. For example, if it’s raining heavily, you will have to see that your home doesn’t suffer from water damage.

You can place big tarps or blankets in the hallway, entryway, doorsteps, and doorways so that your home doesn’t get all muddy.

Also, if there is ice, use salt! You surely wouldn’t want you or your mover to fall and hurt themselves on such a special day, right?

3.  Make Sure Furniture Fits Through Your Door
Most would argue that furniture is the most essential component of a home, especially when it needs to fit through your door!

Therefore, ensure that big-ticket furniture items such as the bed, dining table, etc., are dismantled (if possible) before the movers come. Otherwise, measure and let them know to come with the right tools.

4. Plan For Pets And Children
If you have children or pets, you will need to ensure they don’t make the movers’ jobs harder.

For kids, try hiring a babysitter on the day so that you don’t get flustered. And for pets, either keep them in their kennel, tied or at someone else’s place till you have moved out.

The decluttering before and after of a home can be hectic but worthwhile in the long run when you can keep items you love and get rid of things you will no longer have use.

Ready To Move?

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