Tips For Moving On A Budget

Tips For Moving On A Budget

Tips For Moving On A Budget

So, you’re moving, huh? Well, if you’re here then it probably means you’re looking to save a few bucks in the process. To help you with this, we’ve put together a list of valuable, easy tips for moving on a budget that will help make your next move as easy and affordable as possible.

Getting ready to move into a new home can be very exciting! New neighbors to meet, a new space to call your own, and a chance to try out new things. However, it can also be a pretty expensive adventure, especially if you’re transitioning to a major city, or across state lines.

Luckily, there are a few tips and tricks you can use to save money the next time you’re planning for a move!

Tips for Moving on a Budget

Budgeting for a move ahead of time can help ensure a smooth transition and position you for success in your new home. Use these five tips the next time you pack up your home:

1.  Know your budget
The only way you’re going to stay within budget is to know how much you’re working with in the first place. Sit down and figure out how much income you have and how much you spend on bills per month. While you might usually use leftover money for entertainment or savings, you might choose to allocate those funds to moving costs when the time comes. Either way, this should give you a good idea of how much you can spend on moving expenses.

2.  Get rid of things you don’t want
Moving everything in your current home is going to take more trips or a larger moving vehicle. As soon as you start planning your move, go through every room in your house and declutter. Throw away things that are broken and donate things that you don’t want anymore. Consider donating things that you haven’t used in a while and replacing them with new things that you’ll love even more in your next home.

3.  Take your time
Many people will opt to pay more money for things that are convenient. If you’re in a time crunch, anything that will save you time or stress is convenient! This means you could end up spending a significant amount of money just to get things done. Instead, take your time and start planning for the move as soon as you know it’s happening. Search around for professional moving companies, see which of your friends and family will be available to help, start cleaning out those closets, and make to-do lists.

4. Find free moving supplies
Most businesses recycle the boxes their products come in. You can find free moving boxes by asking local restaurants, clothing stores, bookshops, grocery stores, liquor stores…Most businesses will be happy to have someone take boxes off their hands so they don’t have to deal with them.

In addition, ask your friends and family members if they have tape, markers, boxes, and packing materials they’re willing to part with. You’d be surprised what people hold onto!

5. Do what you can before hiring movers

Hiring movers to pack up your entire house can be expensive and, sometimes, unnecessary. For example, if you’re moving from a studio apartment and you only have a couple of pieces of furniture, you can probably get most of your stuff packed and moved yourself. Call in the professionals when it comes to transporting things like your bed, couch, and dresser. They’ll take care of the heavy lifting (literally) and make sure it gets to your new home safely.

These tips for how to save money on moving can be a huge help during your next relocation process. Moving can be a stressful time, but making plans ahead of time and staying within budget can make things a lot easier!

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