Hoarder Cleaning Services: Tips from NYC’s Most Trusted Pros

Hoarder Cleaning Services: Tips from NYC’s Most Trusted Pros

Hoarder Cleaning Services: Tips from NYC’s Most Trusted Pros

Helping a friend or loved one move can be a daunting task, but when that person has a hoarding issue, the challenges can multiply exponentially. That’s why, in that situation, it’s often a wise decision to bring in professional hoarder cleaning services.

In this blog, we will explore some compassionate and practical tips for assisting a hoarder with moving. The goal is not only to facilitate a smoother transition but also to respect the emotional ties and psychological challenges involved. Whether you are a family member, a close friend, or a professional organizer, understanding the underlying issues and employing a thoughtful approach can make all the difference in helping someone who hoards transition into their new space with respect and dignity.

How to Clean a Hoarder’s House Before a Move: 5 Trusted Tips

Let’s face it: if you’re searching online for tips on how to help a hoarder move or how to help a hoarder clean, you already know the difficult task ahead of you, both logistically and emotionally. Being aware of these challenges, from hazardous living conditions to a reluctance to accept help, is the first step in promoting an efficient and healthy process.

Here are 5 trusted tips on how to clean a hoarder’s house that can also help facilitate a smooth transition for your hoarding friend or loved one:

Start the Conversation Early

Hoarding is recognized as a distinct mental health disorder, termed “Hoarding Disorder,” with those suffering from it feeling a strong sense of attachment to their possessions, which they believe have sentimental value or may be useful in the future. Often, they are unaware that this behavior can be problematic and dangerous.

One of the most important steps in helping a hoarder move is to begin the conversation well ahead of moving day, and to approach the topic of mental health gently and with a focus on their feelings and concerns. If the process becomes overwhelming, it may be beneficial to consult a mental health professional who can provide them with a clearer insight into their condition. 

Create a Detailed Plan

Once the conversation has been started, you can move into the crucial planning phase. Create a timeline and set realistic goals for each phase of the move, and be sure to break down the process into small, manageable steps. A structured approach like this can help reduce the anxiety associated with moving, and may even lead to long-term behavioral changes!

Employ a Gentle Touch with Sorting

Sorting through possessions is often the most challenging part of moving for someone who hoards. It’s important to maintain patience and offer reassurance throughout this process, encouraging them to make their own decisions while being ready to step in with gentle guidance if they become stuck. One great tip is to categorize items into what to keep, donate, sell, or discard, utilizing a clear and consistent labeling system while doing so.

Maintain a Positive Focus on the Future

Throughout the moving process, keep the conversation focused on the positive aspects of the move. Discuss how the new space can be set up to feel comfortable and functional, and through positive reinforcement, help them visualize living in a less cluttered environment, one where they can find things easily and enjoy their space more fully. Future-oriented thinking is great for providing motivation and a sense of purpose.

Enlist the Help of Professional Hoarder Cleaning Services

There are times when bringing in moving professionals with experience in helping hoarders move and clean their home is necessary. While there is an additional hoarder cleanup cost associated with these services, experienced professionals offer invaluable expertise in efficiently sorting and decluttering a home, while remaining sensitive to the emotional needs of the individual.

By employing these strategies, you can help someone with hoarding tendencies navigate the complexities of moving with empathy and efficiency. It’s not just about clearing out their space—it’s about setting them up for a new beginning and supporting them through this significant change with compassion and respect.

If you’re in need of professional hoarder cleanup services in New York City or the surrounding areas, the experienced professionals at Bennett Movers can assist in surface steaming, sanitization, odor removal, and heavy-duty cleaning. And when it comes to decluttering, we never dispose of client’s personal items without permission. We can even handle pest control!

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