9 Moving Tips in NYC from the Pros at Bennett Movers

9 Moving Tips in NYC from the Pros at Bennett Movers

9 Moving Tips in NYC from the Pros at Bennett Movers

Chances are you’re dreading the prospect of packing up and moving out from one address to another. Let’s face it: no one looks forward to the physically and mentally draining stress and effort of moving day. That’s why we’ve put together these pro moving tips for NYC residents. Just follow these nine pointers to cut down on the hassle before your next move. 

Here’s our handy “how to pack for a move” checklist. 

Packing to Move: Where to Start

  1. Keep Your Closet Items Hanging:

When you’re preparing to move, you can simplify the post-move chaos by leaving your clothes on hangers. Bundle them in groups of 15-20, wrapping a plastic kitchen-size trash bag around each cluster. Alternatively, consider investing in closet boxes to keep items upright and hanging during the move.

  1. Take Pictures of Your Electronics:

Make reassembly a breeze by snapping pictures of your electronics’ hook-ups before disassembling them. Bundle cords with the device and any remotes, placing them in the same box for easy access.

  1. Use a Color-Coded Labeling System:

Avoid the confusion of unpacking by labeling each box with the room and contents. Opt for color-coordinated labels to make it easier for movers to place items in the right spot when unloading.

  1. Using a Mover? Ask for Free Boxes:

Save on packing supplies by checking with your moving company for free new or used boxes. Many movers are willing to provide extra boxes to earn your business.

  1. Pack Your Suitcases Full:

In the days before your move, try to pack up everything but your day-to-day necessities and whatever clothes that you’ll want to wear. Put your suitcases to good use by packing them with items instead of handing them off empty. Rolling bags are excellent for bulky, heavy items, while duffel bags work well for transporting clothing, reducing the need for additional moving supplies.

  1. Keep Lids Tight & Use Plastic Bags

Part of preparing to move is proactively stopping any messes that will only slow you down. Prevent leaks from shampoo bottles or detergents by placing clear plastic wrap underneath the lid and securing it with a rubber band. This simple hack ensures a mess-free move.

  1. Keep Cosmetics in Place:

Prevent makeup disasters by placing a cotton pad on top of cosmetics to cushion compacts. This simple step helps protect your cosmetics during transport.

  1. Pack Your Essentials in Plastic:

Set aside essential items for your first night in a clear plastic tub. This not only makes it easy to identify but also helps distinguish it from other cardboard boxes during the move.

  1. Keep Your Toolkit Ready:

Throughout the moving process, having a basic toolkit on hand can be invaluable. From disassembling furniture to rehanging pictures, a toolkit is a versatile thing to have handy.

Need More Help? Choose Our NYC Moving Company

Whether you’re handling the move yourself or calling in professionals, these NYC moving tips will make the process smoother when the big day arrives. And to make things as stress-free as possible for you, you can always call us at Bennett Movers. We’re a NYC moving company with years of experience. When you rely on our experts, you get a team that you can count on to get your furniture, electronics, art, and belongings safely and on time. Contact us today to get started. 

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