How To Pack Records For Moving

How To Pack Records For Moving

How To Pack Records For Moving

Vinyl collections are personal, they are physical curations of one’s favorite artists and albums–and such a treasured investment requires proper care. Given the fragility of records, it’s always best to be reminded of how to pack records for moving, since they are definitely not belongings you want mishandled during the process. If you want your vinyls in tip-top shape once you’ve settled into your new home, here’s what you should know about how to store records properly during a move.

Best Way To Ship a Record Collection

Follow these steps to learn the best way to ship a record collection during a move:

  1. Organize Records – If you have time during your packing process, it’s never a bad idea to organize your vinyl collection if you haven’t already done so. Not only will this make unpacking easier, but it’ll help you in the long run when looking for some tunes to play! Consider going alphabetically, by genre, or even just grouping artists together.
  1. Prepare Each Record – This may seem counterintuitive, but the best way to ship a record collection is actually to remove each individual vinyl from its jacket (cardboard outer sleeve). Some of the worst damage during a move can be caused by vinyls sliding around in the cardboard jacket, or imprints being left on the cardboard itself, so it’s always advised to take them out completely. However, if your record has an inner sleeve that is still in decent shape, feel free to leave the record inside. 
  1. Consider Poly Sleeves – If you want to be extra careful, consider purchasing some poly plastic sleeves specifically made for records. These sleeves protect your albums from dirt, dust, scuffing, moisture, and other slight damages. You can usually buy these in bulk, and they last a long time. You can also secure each record in bubble wrap if you really want to.
  1. Prepare Record Boxes – One of the keys of knowing how to store records properly is remembering that vinyls should always be positioned vertically, and not on their side. When it comes to putting your records in boxes, remember to keep them vertically, in a row, and organized in similar sizes, to avoid extra sliding or banging against the side of the box. If you want to know how to keep your vinyls upright, an idea to consider is to leave some extra space in your box where you can add some sort of padding, beit packing peanuts, bubble wrap, crumpled paper, or a cushioned item, to absorb movement while in transit. Also remember to use a snug box that fits your albums appropriately for minimal movement, if any at all, and keep your poly sleeves facing up, so the record doesn’t slip out of the bottom. You can also consider using a foam sheet to place on top of the records once inside of the box.
  1. Get to Packing – Now that your records are secured in a snuggly fitting box, you may want to take it a step further and put some extra padding on the bottom of your boxes, especially if you plan on stacking in a truck. Speaking of stacking, don’t put your box of vinyls on the bottom of a pile, for obvious reasons. Instead, keep them either separated entirely, or at the top, with extra support on the bottom of the boxes to absorb shock. Meanwhile, your outer sleeves can be packed separately and with less caution, though you do want to make sure you don’t dent, chip, or rip your jackets. 
  1. Make Record Boxes Known – You should without a doubt write “FRAGILE” or something to that nature while labeling your boxes, even if you’ve already written “Records” or “Vinyl Collection” on them. In cases where you’re using a service, or the help of friends or family, you REALLY want them to be aware of what they’re handling. Don’t be afraid to reiterate the delicate nature of your record boxes, and if need be, leave them in your own hands to avoid potential complications.
Best Way To Ship Record Collection

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