How to Tip Movers

How to Tip Movers

How to Tip Movers

Many people wonder how to tip movers when they hire a moving company. There are many factors that come into play including the total cost of service, the distance of the move, the size and weight of the furniture, the size of your home, and more. Movers help get your things quickly packed up and moved safely, and it’s always a good idea to tip for excellent service.

Still, there is much confusion around tipping professional movers. This guide will explain the nuances of tipping etiquette and hopefully give you a better idea of how to tip movers. 

Tipping Etiquette For Movers

Because there are so many factors at play, the total tip amount will vary from move to move. For example, if you are hiring a moving company to pack up a large home and move you across the country, you should expect to tip more than if you were moving an apartment across town. Either way, movers should always be tipped – no matter how easy or difficult the move is.

Here are a few things to take into consideration when figuring out the proper tip for movers:

You should tip if…

  • You notice the movers taking extra care with delicate and antique items.
  • The movers carry large, leavy items up/down a flight of stairs. 
  • They get the job done faster than expected.
  • They are extra polite to you and your family.
  • They help disassemble/assemble furniture.

There are a few exceptions to the rule that movers should always be tipped. Tips are given as a thank you for good service. If your moving company provides poor service, you may reconsider going out of your way to tip them on top of their regular pay.

You might reconsider tipping if…

  • Your movers arrive late.
  • They damage your item(s).
  • They damage your home when moving furniture (scratch floors, dent walls, etc.).
  • They put clearly labeled boxes in the wrong room.
  • They are rude.
  • They would rather take a break than get the job done.

Once you determine the quality of the service, you can decide how much to tip.

How To Tip Movers

How Much To Tip Moving Company

As we highlighted in the previous paragraph, many factors can impact a tip. If you have decided that your movers provided great service and you do, in fact, want to tip them, use this general rule:

$5-$10 per hour per person or 5%-10% of the total cost of the move.

It is customary to tip each mover individually in cash, unless the company has their own tipping process. If you don’t have change to distribute to each mover, you can give the lump sum to the team lead and ask them to distribute it evenly among the team.

In addition, you can thank your movers for their hard work by:

  • Offering water and snacks
  • Taking the team out to lunch or dinner
  • Offering coffee and bagels for early morning moves

Moving can be a stressful time, but a great team of movers can make things much easier for you. They should be rewarded for a job well done!

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