Moving Assistance: What to Do If You Need Help with Moving Costs

Moving Assistance: What to Do If You Need Help with Moving Costs

Moving Assistance: What to Do If You Need Help with Moving Costs

Often, the first sentence of any article about moving mentions how stressful the process is. That’s because the statement is true for just about anyone, but moving can feel especially overwhelming for people who are struggling financially. Fortunately, there are resources out there for people who require moving assistance. In this article, we’ll review some of the available options, especially New York State’s HRA program. 

At Bennett Movers, we proudly work with HRA assistance recipients and provide them with the same high-quality service as we do for all clients. Here’s what you need to know about public moving assistance. 

Moving Assistance Programs: Find the One That Works for You

The good news for low-income families and individuals is that many publicly funded programs may be able to help. Of course, each has different eligibility criteria and levels of financial aid. Still, depending on your unique circumstances, one of the following moving assistance programs may be the right choice for you. 

  1. Housing Industry Foundation (HIF) Emergency Housing Fund: The HIF offers one-time grants of up to $2,500 to help with housing relocation. The program is only available on a referral basis from community agencies, but they often make decisions and issue grants quickly. 
  2. The Emergency Solutions Grants (ESG) Program: The ESG is a Housing and Urban Development (HUD) initiative to reduce homelessness. It issues funds to states, municipalities, and local organizations to support short-to-medium term rental assistance, emergency shelters, housing relocation, and other services. You can find a directory of their points of contact here
  3. The YWCA: The YWCA is an organization that supports women and minorities through a variety of programs, including housing-related services. Contact your local branch to see if they can connect you with any moving assistance resources.  
  4. Catholic Charities: Catholic Charities offers needs-based grants for eligible families. They may be able to assist you if the expense of moving is a major factor preventing you from accessing stable housing.  
  5. Modest Needs: Modest Needs provides one-time grants to families in temporary crisis but who don’t qualify for traditional aid programs because they live just above the poverty level. The average grant amount is between $750-$1,250 and can be applied to rental trucks and other costs of moving. 

What Is HRA Moving Assistance? 

In New York State, the Human Resources Administration, or HRA, offers a variety of programs to combat homelessness and relieve families in financial distress. Qualifying families can apply for financial support to fund their move. To do so, you’ll need to provide three estimates from approved HRA moving companies. They will tell you which company to choose, and the moving company can submit a reimbursement form. 

Applying for HRA assistance is a rather quick and straightforward process. Your moving company will likely be able to help you with the application. Just remember, though, that not every mover is an authorized HRA moving company. When you contact Bennett Movers, you can be confident that you’re talking to a qualified and experienced team of movers that will help with every aspect of your request. 

The Bennett Movers Difference 

Our professionals understand that you already have enough on your plate when you need to move. And if you have to make an emergency move due to eviction, unsafe domestic conditions, disaster, or other reasons, the urgency becomes all the more complex. That’s why we respond promptly to you and help you with any necessary welfare moving assistance application forms. 

You can trust our company to work quickly and carefully to make your transition as streamlined as possible. We make it our goal to reduce the stress from your upcoming move. Let us help you figure out if you qualify for HRA moving assistance. We’re here to help you arrange a low-to-no-cost move.

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